This is mainly for my boyfriend, and I had started this a VEEEEEERRRRRRYYYYYYYYY long time ago, but I hope at least he enjoys it~ ewe;;



The prince had clapped his hands, calling a servant into the room, naturally one responding right away. “Yes milord?” the male said, groveling to the other, closing his eyes, hoping he was in a good mood.

"Yes.. Bring me my Nanny.." the young boy ordered, watching the servant scramble out of the room. Soon enough a young male, who looked like Mikuo, only with a long purple ponytail, red eyes, and a cloth-like tail walked in. He wore a black thin long-sleeved shirt, a red tie, and a purple vest over black pants and shiny black shoes..

The purplenette bowed to his Master with a soft smile curving his lips, and immediately the Prince’s hard expression softened, giving grabby hands to the taller male. Xikuo, the purplenette naturally responded to his master’s whims, and picked him up, cradeling him gently, kissing his forehead, the prince kissing his cheek secretly in return.

Xikuo purred deeply, before leaning in and whispering in his ear. “Would the Master like his special treatment..?” he whispered, slowly trailing his fingers to the boy’s thighs.. The other blushed heavily, making nervous whimpers, before nodding.. The prince’s reaction made the Demonloid smirk, before kissing up his neck carefully, making sure it looked only like cheek kisses, walking to the bedroom.

Once inside, the Demonloid had locked the doors, before resting his lover ontop his bed, gently climbing on top of him. “How would the Master like it, this evening~?” he asked, nipping his lover’s ear, slowly reaching a thin hand under the younger boy’s shirt, gently rubbing his chest.. Alexiel, the prince whimpered and shivered softly at the touch, keeping his eyes closed.. “I-I want you to do whatever you like..”

The request made Xikuo’s lips curl into a devilish smirk, before slowly trailing his fingers inder the other’s shirt to his pants, tracing them back up to lift up his shirt and tug it off, before slowly going down tugging his own shirt, and grasped the boy’s waistline with his teeth, gently tugging the pants off, before gently brushing his lips against the boy’s clothed member, giving gentle licks with his soft tongue.

Alexiel bit his finger from the pleasure, trying not to groan too loudly, not wanting their little secret being blown already. He nodded, giving the other the go ahead, spreading his legs farther apart.. Xikuo naturally responded with more kissing and licking his member gently, before tugging off the boy’s underwear, getting slightly impatient with himself.. He then slowly took the member, and started to stroke gently with a deep purr, causing the prince to shiver and moan.

Xikuo slowly smirked at the moaning, before licking up from the base to tip, placing the member in his mouth, and closed his eyes, slowly starting to suck the other’s member in a loving manner. Alexiel let off whimpering moans, gripping the sheets and biting his lip a bit, shivering heavily. Xikuo continued his motions for a while, until he made sure the other was hard enough, having slipped his fingers inside the other, stretching him out for the initial thrust inside him, which was to come later on.

Alexiel squirmed under the boy from the pleasure, panting heavily. “N-Nnnnn.. Xikuo..” he whimpered softly, squirming under him, clasping his legs around the other’s shoulders. Xikuo smiled, continuing to move his fingers inside the boy, and bobbed his head, sucking the other’s member like a good boy.

“A-Ah! Faster! Faster!!” Alexiel commanded to the other, pressing the Demonloid’s head closer to his pelvis, so he could take in more of his member. The Demonloid naturally obeyed, stroking and licking the member, starting to wag his cloth-like tail a bit faster.

Alexiel threw his head back, giving quiet moans. The young lord was in complete ecstasy from what was happening. “N-Nnn. X-Xikuo… I think I’m about to—-” a slightly louder moan cut him off, releasing sticky white liquid into the other’s mouth.

Xikuo blinked at the warm sticky fluids entering his mouth, and slid the member out of his mouth, giving a heavy blush. A small purr came from him, as he swallowed the fluids, slowly crawling on top of the boy, licking his cheek. He hummed softly, before stroking himself carefully, attempting to make himself as hard as possible.

Alexiel blushed and kissed the purplenette’s chin softly.. “Mmm… P-Please finish me off~~?” the young king cooed to the other, nipping his finger a bit, causing the Demonloid to purr. “Mou~~ If that’s what the Master wishes~” he whispered, before sliding himself into the other, causing the boy to almost let off a loud moan, though used the Demon’s hand to cover his mouth, muffling the sound.

Xikuo would have blushed and given a soft moan in return, before instinctively moving his hips, attempting to slide deeper into the boy, wanting him to let out muffled cries, and beg for more.. Turning onto his side, Alexiel let the other thrust into him more, moaning into the hand, and pawed at it lovingly, wanting more..

A small smile curved the young nanny’s lips, continuing to thrust into him, attempting to go harder, and faster within him. Being a virgin, Xikuo had rather low stamina, though let the other choose whether he wanted him to release in or out…

Alexiel blushed heavily, before choosing inside, wanting the feeling of the other inside him to linger.. A small cry sounded from the nanny, as he released into the younger male, causing him to moan and cry out from under the hand as well, squirming one last time under him, reduced to a warm pleasured mess..

Xikuo pulled out, kissing the smaller boy’s forehead, and smiled. “Mmmm~~~ Did the Masutah like~?” he asked, purring and licked the tip of the boy’s member, cleaning him off, before picking him up, to prepare a bath for him. After Xikuo placed the boy in the warm bath, he tugged on the other’s soft purple hair a bit.. “… Will you please bathe with me..?” he asked.. Xikuo blinked at the other, before accepting his request.

Never once did the young prince sleep more peaceful.